GUSTO MENTA is a fresh and new Italian design brand that want surprise you with an eclectic range of vintage inspired stationery items, thought to be useful and creative products for the kitchen and the craft room.

The idea was born from us, 2 girls with one big passion: vintage design.

But let’s introduce us, we are Silvia Raga, illustrator and blogger of, and Federica Dal Dosso, owner of the webshop

There’s not a lot to say about how it started, it was simple, unespected and special… but there’s a lot that we can tell about how it will be.

We only know that our love for stationery, pastels and flowers had to meet one day in order to start a new concept, that mixes vintage patterns with a modern touch.

Inspiration is just around us, and we create our products thinking of what we really would like to put in our homes, from kitchen to our bags, from our office desk to our craft room.

Our brand GUSTO MENTA is proud to design and produce all it’s products in Italy.

We choose to put all quotes in Italian, since we believe that our customers appreciate our country’s culture and language as we do!

fiorellini-2                                                                      Silvia e Federica