We present our first collections: My Kitchen and My Craft Room.

My Kitchen” is celebrating the glorious Italian fifties, with their colors and style, and we absolutely wanted to breath them again in our kitchens but giving our modern personal touch, combining the functional use with cute designs.

My Craftfiorellini-1 Room” is dedicated to all craft addicted and bloggers that want to give a special style to their personal space. We designed a new concept of products studied for making this room more confortable and special.

We studied together every single item concept, all patterns are created and designed by one of us, Silvia Raga, professional illustrator and blogger.She had put all her experience and love in each flower and detail, in order to create something special and recognizable.

We print our paper products in our trusted factories, following each step of the production direcly, from printing to quality check.We accurately selected some of the best quality Italian manufactured papers, paying more attention to the recycled ones.

That’s why in some of our products such as Recipes Cards and Notebooks, you will note this peculiarity.Also our fabric items are printed and handcrafted from Italian factories and that’s another of our prides.

Our Recipes, Projects and Wall Boxes are made from fir wood, and we decided to keep all it’s “imperfections”, like knots and grains as they are, since this is a natural element. We hope that our customers accept them as part of the product design.fiorellini-2